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Our Story

Closer Than You Think

Ocean shipping is an industry categorized by vast complexity and by a magnitude of interests

The track to comprehending how the shipping industry works in its fullness goes through the grinding of the role of each player who is part of it

The presence of a reliable shipping agency is crucial for the seamless movement of vessels, taking care of all necessary procedures, from legal requirements to operational tasks ensuring that ships and its cargo are handled efficiently and with care

With our services as ship agents, our clients can relax, be free of all tensions and be completely assured that the normal and routine course of their businesses will not get disrupted at any point in time

Proxima Ship Services is your single point of contact for all worldwide ports covering 5 continents via our partners worldwide network coverage, providing reliable services and customized solutions that you can rely on for contracting on a short term and long term basis

Our story as a company revolves around understanding our customer needs, communicating effectively, meeting expectations and ensuring efficient operations

Being the center of our business universe, we have committed ourselves to be as close as possible to our clients in order to foster relationships, aid in problem-solving, support business growth and provide a competitive edge, and that’s where our story begins

The sun is the star at the center of our solar system and is the brightest object in the Earth’s sky. The Sun’s gravity holds the solar system together, keeping everything in its orbit

The connection and interactions between the Sun and Earth drive the seasons, ocean currents, weather, radiation belts and auroras

Close to the sun lies a red dwarf star called Proxima Centauri. Proxima is one of the most noted stars in the sky and is the nearest star to our sun at 4.22 light years away

The sun is the heart of our solar system that bonds it together, likewise, we believe as a service provider that our clients are the center of our business world that retain all our transactions together in our clients’ orbit

The connection and interaction between our clients and our company drive our development, profitability, values, mission, vision and business strategies

Proxima is close to its clients as its star is close to the sun, making sure that we remain your closest reliable business partner with the most consistent professional team, doing all the needful to ensure holding our mutual commercial targets together and keeping all business transactions in its right track

Proxima, Closer than you think

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