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International Network

International Network

822 ports in 141 countries

Import Export Forwarding

Import Export Forwarding

Forwarding and Logistics

Solutions with Technique

Solutions with Technique

Port call management software

Full agency services involve comprehensive management of all aspects related to a ship’s visit to a port. We provide end-to-end support and coordination throughout the ship’s stay

Our team has extensive experience and the knowledge required to help cut through complex transits rules and regulations and avoid potential fines or delays

Husbandry agency services cater to the needs and well-being of the crew during a ship’s port call, providing essential support and assistance for a comfortable and efficient stay

 Efficient logistics solutions offer greater transparency and real-time insights that businesses can effectively utilize to make informed decisions

Integrated Services

Closer than you think

Our objective is to be next to our business partners to support them in meeting their commercial interests. Our strategies are implemented towards achieving our objective, and those strategies are formulated towards being as close as possible to our clients and business associates

Full Agency

  • Arrival & Departure Arrangements
  • Liaison with Authorities
  • Disbursement Account
  • Port Call and Cargo Planning
  • Ship to Ship
  • Control & Inspection

Protective Agency

  • Vetting thoroughly Documents to ensure accurate billing
  • Providing valuable advisory services on port rules and restrictions
  • Validating Statement of Facts (SOF) to ensure transparency
  • Handing dispute and incident management with expertise
  • Disbursing funds in accordance with statutory requirements
  • Providing services that prioritize security and efficiency

Suez Canal Transit

  • Expertise in SCA rules of navigation and current tariffs
  • Monitoring traffic situation 24/7 to keep you updated
  • Registration at the Canal Authorities for the First time transit
  • Settlement of estimated/actual cost differentials within 72 hours of transit
  • Advice on all documentation required by the Suez Canal Authority
  • Preparation of priority bookings (according to notification)

Husbandry Services

  • Spares Clearance & Delivery
  • Bunker Fuels & Lubricants
  • Fresh Water Supply & Analysis
  • Provisions
  • Under Water Inspection
  • Boat Services


  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Inland Haulage
  • Consolidation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Project Logistics

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We manage the economic process from pre-arrival stage, to sailing stage

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Engineering Your Convenience

We’re always looking for means to improve every aspect of our business by offering a wide range of services for contracting on a short-term or long-term basis. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and put the right people on the job. We take pride in providing reliable services and customized solutions that you can rely on

We will always be CLOSER THAN YOU THINK

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Ship to Ship

Port Facilities

Ship Repairs

Cargo Tracking



Freight Forwarding

Medical Assistance

Hull Cleaning

Hot Work Permits

Customs Clearance

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